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Hi.... Ovulation question!

Hi everyone, I haven't been on here in a very long time. I had my little girl in June 2011 and we've just decided to start trying for no2 image I started back on the pill the end of December as we were originally going to wait until end of the year and I took it jan & feb but my march af didn't really show up. When on the pill I start spotting a week after its finished until af arrives. I was sper rubbish at taking the pill (hubby knew) and we bd'd a few days before I was due to ovulate. March came and no real signs of af appeared but i got every pregnancy sign possible, inc stretching pains in my lower abdomen/pelvis area, tested and bfn, went to docs tested negative too and they did other tests but came up with nothing. I decided I was just having a random month but what I thought was my next af arrived Friday (bang on time for it being due) it was so light it may not have been there and then it appears to have gone already??? I've been a stressed over the last few months with a range of things but didn't really think it was enough to affect my af, I'm sure I've been more stressed before and it hasn't?! Does anyone know if a light af means I'm still ovulating? I'm quite worried now image Sorry about the essay, I hope it makes sense! X
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