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Hello! I am looking for some advice from anyone who has been through this frustrating experience! This is only our second time trying, so I'm trying to be patient knowing that it can take a long time to conceive!! Basically our first attempt ended in a chemical and I think this attempt is too image I tested early again and have been getting some faint positives from the cheap tests. Today I started bleeding (was expecting to hopefully miss period tomorrow), so I used the CB digital and it  came up 1-2 weeks pos. it's not quite as heavy as my normal flow and it's kind of a mix of brown/bright red blood. I am having some light cramping too but not a severe as usual. I guess my questions are, why am I bleeding with a positive test? and has anyone knowingly been through more than one chemical because of testing early??

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  • I would go see ur gp personally! Some women get implantation bleeding but it's usually light and a brownish colour! And only lasts a few days too! Fingers crossed it is implantation but Defo see ur go ASAP good luck and baby dust xxxxxx
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