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my update

hi all you mummys of angels x for those girls who supported me when i mc dec i just wanted to let you know that im now 14weeks pregnant and all is going well,due 1st oct.  sending you all lots of baby dust and lots of luck and i hope you all get a sticky bean soon .be strong and never give up on your dream xxxx


  • Glad to hear the pregnancy is going wellimage x

    On our first month of ttc so hopefully we'll get a BFP soon but were never going to give up hope, hubby & I are determined to have a healthy baby no matter what life throws at us image 

  • thank you carol. and good luck i hope u get your bfp very soon x

  • Hi calee, so happy for you, The first 12 weeks must have a worry? 

    Am I right in thinking you got pg quite soon after your mc?

    I had a mmc a week ago and although I'm still really sad about it all I want to do now is start trying again asap but still waiting for the bleeding to stop!

    I'm 40 now and running out of time!image xx

  • thank you carioke.the 12week wait so worrying but was lucky to have early scans at 6and 11weeks. i feel pregnant after mc with no period in between. and all is going well im having a baby girl. 17weeks 4days now.   so sorry about your loss be strong and you will get thereimage x

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