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Hi ladies im looking abit of advice.

Me and my other hallf are TTC i came off my pill cerezette in november and i have a regular 28 day period but i am not ovulating image Have had a blood test done by doctor and been using home ovulation kits and never had a postive. Rand doctor to see if they could give me anything but they say no cause im only 22 and need to be TTC for a year. She advised me to lose some weight, which i have done. I purshased angus cactus. Ive been taking it twice a day for the past month and my period is 5 days late. Would it be due to the weight loss or could i be pregnant??Someone help!


  • Try doing a hpt either fr or cbd x

    Hipe u get a good result x

  • Hi have you had any luck ttC yet and how are you finding ac? I'm 26 been ttc for neay 14 months. Saw gp after 6 months did all the tests I have digital ov tests and all saying I ovulate each month. But still nothing after 8 months I was refered to gyna and found a large cyst on ovary ( this is my 2nd) had it removed in aug with ov and tube. Was refered to infertility clinic in july and they said I got to loose weight before they will help. Still ttc naturally whilst waitibg for nov for next apr it's just disheartening though, hubby sperm tested have to wait for results at next infertility clinic meeting. I really just want this to be over now need some good news in 2013 aa hubby's cousin padded away in aug aged 32 and yesterday his nan passed away :,( so need good news had enough bad! I'm starting angus cactus today and hoping that next month period doesn't arrive 

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