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What came first / the period or ovulation?!

Hi am trying for first child and my mind is a bit frazzled with info on the Internet.

ive had my withdrawal bleed so will I ovulate before my first realm period after coming off the pill as I've read you have to ovulate to have a period but also seems you don't ovulate before this first period...

any body know for sure what is most likely?! If like to be able to work out likely dates to keep an eye out for ovulation with the test kit image



  • Hi! image

    I love the title of this, haha!  The withdrawal bleed is not a 'real' period. A real period is one that happens if you are not fertilised after you have ovulated. So, usually, your withdrawal bleed will then be followed by ovulation some time after. Your proper period should then follow anywhere around 14 days afterwards (unless you're me....pah!!image ).

    If you get some cheapy ov sticks (mine are from Amazon, £8 for 50), it's probably worth testing from a week or so after your withdrawal bleed to see if ovulation is about to happen. Much, MUCH cheaper than Clearblue (£20 for 20!). As a side point though, if you've been on birth control pills/injection, you might take a couple of cycles to get back to regular cycles as your body is still adjusting to being without them. 

    Good luck!! image

  • Try reading Taking Care of Your Fertility, if you want to know the ins and outs of cycles, how to tell what your body is doing/not doing, etc. Surprisingly interesting read! image

  • Thanks for getting back to me image.

    im at day 13 if I count the first day of my withdrawal bleed and have been using the little pee testing sticks for ovulation the last couple of days so unless I've missed it or having a really long cycle... ? I don't know!

    I was on microgynon for 3 months then a month on the mini pill so hopefully things will be ok quick but I'm nearly 32 so conscious that may affect. I've stopped smoking (just using electric one ) and stopped drinking alcohol and limiting caffeine.

    its so funny how tee spend so much time trying not to get pregnant and when we decide we do we want it yesterday!

    thanks again image 

  • Just give it time, ovulation might not kick in fully just yet. You sound like you're doing all the right stuff like cutting down the alcohol, etc. 

    Completely agree with the last sentence... we spend years avoiding pregnancy...who knew it was so tricky!! image x

    Good luck and keep us posted! x

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