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Need some advice

Hi, I'm new to this so hope I'm writing in the correct part! image

after trying for over a year I finally fell pregnant with my daughter. She's now coming up to a year and weve decided not to go back on the pill again. We've been trying for our second baby for a few months now but my periods are all over the place. It's just after finishing there but thats the first I've had any sign of a period in 3 months!

Ive been reading about agnus castus and bought some yesterday. Took my first one this morning but have been reading all kinds of different reports on them. Am I supposed to stop taking them at a certain time each month? If so when am I supposed stop and start them again? Please help me as I have no idea if I'm reading the correct info. 




  • hi tans i'm a little like you i brought some ac yesterday a well and have read up and most stories contradict themselves but what is most consistant is dont take after ovulation so depending on your cycle i actually brought some cheapie ovulation sticks off ebay to help me judge when i ovulate to when i stop taking the due to my cycle being all over the place but if they re quite regular stop after cd15.

    hope i helped a little its hard when so many stories and websites tell you differnt things.


    welcome to the site though i have found it very helpful and full of information

    good luck and heaps of baby dust to you

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