Can anyone advise have you experienced period like pain just after ovulation ?

Im on day 18 of my cycle and have what i would of felt like my period coming early

I have tracked my cycle this month and tired during fertile days before & after ovulation




  • i have this month, really quite noticeable period pains that lasted hours from dpo3-7. The only other time i felt this i was pregnant, but i don't remember feeling as much when having ds. I have also been nautious just like i was in pregnancy with ds, but felt it much later with him round the 8-12 week mark, not at a few days dpo! today felt twinges in my boobs too. I just can't believe this could be anything else.

    we had unprotected sex on day of ovulation, but oh withdrew. not exactly ttc though have talked about doing it soon. think it will be a shock for oh! and keep telling myself as he didnt even finish (sorry if tmi) my chances are slim but honestly ive never felt like this except in other pregnancy image x

  • Im 5dpo today and I've had cramps and tingling nipples all day! Never noticed anything like this before image hoping its a good sign! Xx

  • hey girls,

    I bit the bullet im 7 days passed ovulation and i thought id test as felt strange anyhow i did a test last night a 2nd line appeared and then disapeared ? so i said id test first thing today and same thing second line lasted a bit longer than but also disappeared im praying its a sign the pregnancy hormone isnt strong enough to hold the line has this ever happened to you before ?


    it is strange having such like period symtoms straight after ovulation like you girls i havent had this before so fingres crossed for us all xxxxx


  • Gahh ff changed my ov day from cd13 to cd15 this morning so im only actually 4dpo, still getting these cramps though! Lower backache too image better mean something or I'll be gutted lol. X

  • Oh and Bonnie I would say a bfp is a bfp, the hormone has to be there to give you a second line. Id wait a while though, at least a few more days and test again. Good luck! Xx

  • Please God Bellas its so hard not to get carried away , my back is aching real bad but no soreness of breasts im going to leave it now until saturday and test again ,

    how many days is your cycle when will you test ... its hard waiting it out isnt it x


  • hey here is the test from this morning ,,, line has no gone image can you see it lasted about 2 mins ?




  • Oh yes theres definitely a line! Very very hopeful for you!

    Not sure on length of my cycle as I has a lap last month which caused a 40 day cycle, not sure if its gone back to normal this month. Think I'll wait until about 18dpo to test if no af, just to avoid disappointment. So thats 2 weeks today image xx

  • Hope so ill test again later in week  image


    2 weeks today , ill say prayer for you too and send a little bambino your way .. xx

  • Ahh thankyou,  update when you've tested again  image xx

  • i had what looked like a bit of an implantation bleed last night, watery pinky loss on wiping over a couple of hours? again, the only time i had this was in last pregnancy. tested today dpo 10 middle of afternoon, tesco test, BFN. last time i tested positive on dpo8. not sure whats going on.

    its my little boy's birthday next week and told myself i wouldnt test as wanted that to be about him. if i get a BFP i couldnt keep it to myself and i just dont know how oh would feel, would rather do it after lo has had his birthday and party but i cant wait that long or keep it to myself its too hard.

    sorry to go on, just nice to speak to someone on here as spoken to no one in reality! when i saw bfn i felt disappointment and relief!

    good luck to the rest of you xx

  • Hi Alfie222,

    Its a rolercoaster of emotions isnt it ! so hard to wait it out like i want to do another test today but know i need to wait few more days

    if you only had this show of bleed last night maybe its still too early for the hormone of pregnancy to be detected as you really only had the implantaion in your uteruos last night ?

    i never get this bleed this is making me thinking im not pregnant ... ah im all over the place lol xx




  • hi bonnie

    i think a minority get a bleed, when i google it it says it should be a few spots of old blood - brown or even black, but it was exactly like what i had last night when i had my little boy.

    I think some of the few who do get a bleed miss it - it isnt supposed to be much at all.

    i know i could still get the bfp yet but looking less likely.

    we've started talks about ttc but hadnt quite started on it yet (although clearly not on reliable contraception! Im not starting with hormones now!) but my oh didnt even finish inside me (sorry if tmi) and although i know it can happen, its got to be unlikely. we ttc (proper hardcore trying!) for 6 months with ds. and yet i really feel pregnant...

    will this be your first baby? looking fwd to getting to know you all. xx

  • Hi Alfie222,

    Oh hope its a case i missed it today my boobs bit more tender but that normal for me week up to my period only thing i think that feels somewhat different is the pain i had mainly yesterday down below like a low intesnse pain its seems to have eased off now tho .

    This will be my first baby and wanted so much i have two step daughters i look after full time have custody of would just be magic to add my own little addition im ready for it more than ever.

    I dont think it doesnt matter if he didnt finish inside you as my best pal was using this as method pulling out and now had a 3 year old son so you still could be pregnant !


    let me know how you get on and i will doo fingers crossed for us xxxx


  • thanks bonnie, i think its a no for us - did first response and superdrug tests on fmu today dpo 11 and both very much bfn! I know theres a chance with withdrawal but its got to massively reduce the chance, just strange as i have never felt so sure. when we tried for ds i never felt so certain even the month that i was pg.

    all the symptoms seem to have faded away now so i think i'll come on at the weekend. i dont think these tests so long after ovulating are usually wrong with fmu?

    but on the plus side i havent for to face oh's stress and worry over our "unplanned" bubba over my lo's 2nd birthday next week - i do want that to be all about him.

    we have had a chat (mainly started by me because i thought i was pg) and oh is open to ttc soon he just wants to talk about finances first and see how we'll manage 2 lots of childcare etc once im back at work.

    so this way we get to ttc and have a planned baby, which will be less stressful! please keep in touch with how things are for you this month. how old are your stepdaughters? bet they would love a baby too. i do think the line that disappeared on your test sounds very promising x

  • Bonnie - when are you going to test with early preg test? I'm excited for you!!

  • Hey minnie & Alfiee222

    Think ill test on Saturday but to be honest im feeling like strong perod pain its very early as i dont normally feel this till day or two before im due im not due for another week and it now ..,

    I will deffo keep you updated on result fingers crossed xxx

    Minnie i hope you did the deed last night with you ovulation been positive xxxx

    Alfiee222, i understand what you saying but just hold tight if its meant to happen before even planning im sure it will and your right the cost of a 2nd baby my two girls are 10 and 6 so not much minding in them anymore but as your hubby says the cost of another mouth to feed does all add up .................Doesnt take away how MUCH we want one tho xxxxx image

  • Hi did you get the positive you where after ? I had sexy time on the day of ovulation and a few days before. I'm due in two weeks and have cramps but I don't want to get myself excited as have been trying for a few months now zzzz. So stressful xx

  • Hey all was wondering the outcome of your pains? 

    TTC didn't dtd as much as i would have liked around ovulation because of the flu! But anyways 3 dpo on cycle day 18 and having strong period like cramping? I'm hoping its a good sign but don't want to get my hopes up


  • Hey guys, so I think im 7 dpo have had bad cramps since ovulation finished everyday. I also feel really tired, bloated in my uterus, sore nipples but not overly sore, tender on the sides of my boobs, EXTREMELY moody and crying alot and back. I did a test yesterday morning but was BFN. I think its too early to tell. Im frustrated image

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