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ovulation syndrome?

Hi guys, I was just wondering if anyone had heard of, or suffered from severe cases of ovulation syndrome. Or if it actually exists beyond Dr Google! I've had severe right sided abdominal pain around the time (a little early actually) ovulation is expected. I've had ov pain frequently and was expecting to ov on right side this month, but this has been much more severe. Then I had bloody discharge which has lasted a few days. Heavy enough for a pad. I thought it was my body messing around and having another af. But I've just read (online of course!) that this can happen with this condition. That would be preferable, rather than the alternative of irregular af and no ov again! All thoughts welcome., thank you lovely ladies x


  • I've had severe pains like you mentioned on a handful of a occasions, one time they were so bad i went ti a&e treatise seated for a burst cyst! I never thought anymore of it and havent heard of ovulation a syndrome but will be doing a little research now! Let me know if you find out any more about it xx

  • Oh god im so sorry for the spelling mistakes its the auto correct lol xx

  • Thanks for the reply, hon.  Sounds like a possibility for you- did they follow-up anything on the burst cyst?  How did it occur, is it likely to happen again, etc?  I'm not sure about the ovulation syndrome for me now, as I bled for 3 days and my ov test sticks only darkened slightly (unfortunately, I wasn't abe to keep testing from cd16-20, so might have just missed it).  So still pretty confused!  Will have to wait until af comes.  Not holding out much hope for a positive pg test!

    I wonder if it is just the one egg that pops out when you have ov syndrome?  And if  I haven't ov'd, then what the heck are these pains??!! 


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