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hi all just wondering does anyone use basal body temperatur ovulation thermometer with chart and if they are any good or can anyone reccomend any as my periods are different each month so aint sure when ovulating please help



  • hey, I just got a bbt from a pharmacy and I use the fertility friend chart.  I have found them useful/helpful.  But it does take a few months to see and learn your patterns, so stick with it!

  • hey ive saw one on amazon you get chart with it ive just not used them before and seeing what people say before i buy one as im not sure if and when i ovulate as i use ovulation calculator online and i aim for the days it says and days before but then my period different so really is hard to work out x

  • My thermometer came with a chart too, but I didn't use it.  I prefer the online one just because it does the calculating for you when it comes to the coverline.

  • It doesn't really matter if it comes with a chart - you'll need more than one chart os mbest to have a digital/online/phone one so you're not having to photocopy them or print them off. Fertility Friend, or something similar like ovufriend or, actually tell you when they think ovulation has happened too, and offer tips etc, as well as being online and with apps, so it's easier to use.

    I got my thermometer from Amazon, cost me £4 (BabyMad brand). Using an ovulation calculator online doesn't work fully: a site can't tell how long your luteal phase is (the phase after ov leading back to your period again) or actually when you ovulated. It will only use the average, so for example, a 28 day cycle, they'll say you ovulated between days 13-16, when in reality, you might have ovulated on day 20 and have a really short luteal phase.  Really, you need to track your temperature and/or hormones to tell for definite when you ovulate, and ultimately, temperature is going to be the easiest thing to see the change in. Definitely worth doing. 

  • may have to give it a go then just wish my periods would get into a pattern as this month dont know if was a period or what 

  • hey wooh thank you so much that babymad thermometar is the one i was looking at as im guessing that the online ovulation calculators like you said aint that good and can be wrong which is where i think im going wrong as from june to july was 27 days ffrom first period which was june 28th to july 25th and the ovulation calculator online said my most fertile day was the 8th august so im really confused as to whats going on xx

  • Well I was trying to take a more relaxed approach and not get in to the whole temping side of things but I think I may have to order one and give it a whirl seen as it is a popular route to take x

  • defo seems like a popular route to take just gonna have a browse now and see whats about x

  • Try the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility. The best £12 you'll ever spend.

  • may have to just ordered one of them basal body temp thermometar so will see how i go with that will have to learn to not use the ovulation calculator online xx

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