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Pregnacare Conception for High Estrogen Levels

Hi everyone,


Ive just joined this group so still learning all the lingo.  Im 36, had 6 large fibroids removed back in May, and now want to start trying to a little bubba.  Ive just found out that I have high prolactin and estrogen levels which (ive heard) can cause problems for me conceiving. 

To help balance out my hormones ive tried to change my diet as best as I can and Ive also started taking Pregnacare Conception to help balance out my hormones.

Has anyone else had any problems with conceiving whilst having high levels of estrogen?

L x


  • Hi :) How did things work out for you?

    I am in a similar position (just got told I have fibroids) and I am trying to change up my diet in hopes they shrink naturally because I was also told that it could affect my ability to conceive. I am open to other methods to lower my estrogen levels to get the fibroids to shink though as I dont want to go on meds.

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