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please help me

i came off the pill in november last year as we decided to start ttc found out in feb i was pg but mc ever since my periods aint been in a regular pattern im not sure when i ovulate this month however if i go by my period from june till july was 27 days so af could come anytime from  21st this month however on 25th i started bleeding for a day if that then from monday until wednesday was really light pink/brown only when i wiped and i had a couple of spots on pad im not sure if was implantation bleed or period im peeing alot more than usual even getting up in the night to go im tired alot ive been getting cramps and backache that comes and goes and had a horrid taste in mouth now for a few days or so and im wetter down below sorry if tmi just wondering if any1 else has experienced this or could give advice 


  • Id do a test hun, it will show by now if you are pg. I just got my bfp yesterday and had the backache, cramps and wet feeling too. Most noticable symptom though is my boobs, sooo sore and swollen, my bras barely fit! Xx

  • why not take a test hun our bodies can play trick on us to make us think things! ipersume your periods are usually alot heavier than what you experienced this month? x


  • i wanna test but so scared after the mc i aint really had sore boobs my nipples are just constantly hard my periods are usually abit more heavier im so confused the headaches dont help either xx

  • congrats Amy xxx

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