6DPO and positive OPK



Im 6-7dpo and have been having cramps for the last couple of days. Had nausea yesterday and as a result off my food, had a tiny amount of pink when I wiped yesterday too... Nothing yet this morning, I know it was too early, but I did a HPT this morning with FMU which was a BFN as expected... However, I've just done an OPK and got quite a dark line! Not as dark as the control though. What does this mean?? Why would I be close to another LH surge if I already ovulated??


  • Could be pregnant, opks turn positive with the hcg hormone. They're usually more sensitive than hpts aswell. Try a first response in a few days x GL x

  •  I took an IC today (before the OPK) which was a BFN but I expected it really as its still early days.

    i ordered some first response off ebay, they arrived this morning so will take one in a couple of days image 



  • Good luck chick xx
  • Thanks! Does anyone have experience of cervix position when 7dpo and went on to get their BFP? Xx

  • I got my bfp st 8dpo, cervix was high and quite closed x

  • Oh and ics are [email protected] I was getting positives on all tests and still negatives on those even though they claim to be like the most sensitive test. So I wouldn't trust them at all I'll certainly never use one again x

  • I've just done a clear blue digital dual hormone OPK (which is what I used earlier in my cycle for ovulation days) and its now a circle (low fertility) I know these don't pick up hcg but that IC ones do... What's the chances my positive IC is the first trace of hcg?? I've fingers and toes crossed but don't wanna be too hopeful! My cramps are terrible today, I'm having hot flushes and the smell of food is making me heave!! Xx

  • You must be preggies.image wish you loads of baby dust!

  • I hope I am! It's only first month of TTC but the time just feels so right... What better way to celebrate than to give family the good news along with a scan pic on Christmas Day image

    ive got fingers crossed for mine (and everyone else's) BFP image xxxxxx

  • All ov sticks pick up hcg as it's so similar. Lh and hcg are like identical twins but hcg is wearing a hat. Ov sticks will look for the twin but hpts will look for the hat if that makes sense. Hence ov sticks go positive when it detects either lh or hcg but hpts will only go positive with hcg x

  • Wait till you are 14 dpo, then do a pregnancy test, that will give u a definite answer image good luck! Xxx
  • image

    Hi, i am 6DPO based on Fertility friend and my Ovulation stick is nearly positive. Not something i would normally have after ovulation and definetly not so strong. I know this is an old post but many people are looking for the answers all the time 😀 

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