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I'm charting with Ovufriend and recently I got a tip below my chart "Avoid low-fat (“light”) dairy products. Most women trying to conceive need at least one daily serving of whole dairy products (e.g. a cup of whole milk, yogurt or cheese). Studies show that women who consume whole dairy products have fewer ovulation problems than those who consume only their light versions."

My friend switched to whole milk and few months later she got pregnant..she is convinced that it's becuase she gave up on light products...what do you think??


  • Hi Helena,

    I've heard that too, I've also read on another website that low fat versions contain more calcium and are better so there is a contradiction. I am trying to substitute dairy with soya milk and soya yoghurts at the moment however I cannot give up cheese (I love it too much ha ha).

    How are you doing chick?


  • Hi Judy,

    Didn't know about that calcium effect! I guess there are always for and against arguemnts. Actually I never tried soya products, do you eat them because of ttc or are they just healthier?

    I'm fine, not pregnant still :/ but actively trying. How are you?

  • Bump for Judyimage The soy thing is really interesting!


  • Hey Helena image

    Apologies for not responsing any sooner image

    I just eat the soy stuff becasue it should be healthier and also dairy gives me spots. I use soya milk for my coffee / porridge / etc... and also drinked the flavoured one (chocolate and cappuccino - yum). I love cheese thou and will never substitute that ha ha

    I am actively trying also image I keep thinking that we've done it this month but got a BFN this morning imageimage Have a look at my chart . . . What do you think?

    Whereabouts are you in your cycle?



  • I'm so sorry about your bfn, what dpo are you? Maybe you're nor out still!

    I'm 8 dpo, trying to refrain from testing.

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