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please help.

Hi can anyone help, im over a week late on my period i had the pound land tests (2 in a packet) i done one 3 days after my misses period and it was negative, i done another one this morning (now over a week late) and two lines apperd one line very strong the other was faint but it wasnt in the place it was ment to be on the stick, iv had these tests before (after trying for 3 years the expensive ones didnt seem worth it) and this had never happened before im wondering if its because its cheap maybe it got made wrong but there was deffinatly 2 lines!! Im very confused. I dont want to get excited and then be dissapointed but the test this morning has baffled me!! Please can someone help me out. Im planning to go buy a named brand to be sure later on this afternoon. =/ xx


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