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15 days late with 4 negative hpts :(

I'm about15 days late, I have been getting stomach cramps, for a about 2-3 days i got light pink spotting, but very little and it was only on the toilet paper when i wiped and it only happened once a day, the spotting has since stopped. whitish cloudy discharge down there. My stomach has been making some noises too, not hunger noises though. have never ever been this late, the latest i have been was maybe 3 days. I'm 23 and not on the pill and me and my bf do have unprotected sex.. I have taken 4 pregnancy tests in the last week and a half and both came out negative. I have made no changes recently like exercises or eating habits nor have i gained or lost any weight. everything is the same. Anyone else go through this? It's very frustrating and it's making me lose hope image


  • why dont you go to a doc? 15 days are a lot he will be able to tell you whats going on.

    Am just 5 day late and am going crazy and arranged on monday to go to the doc if my period still doesn't show up. From the comments i've read it says that it happens that the test some times come negative. Mine was negative but don't know if I did it too early.

    Good luck and let me know how it works out

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