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positive test, bleeding then negative test

hey, im just looking for a bit of help, ill explain my story first, ive been off the depo shot now since late July, was bleeding for a few weeks before it stoped in the very begining of october, me and my partner use the pull out method, not very effectly i might add but weve been together 6 years and have a daughter so another child is good ether way but not activly trying. i did a test last week as ive been constantly tried and never hungry, i got a faint line but it was after the time frame so like everyone said, i threw it away and tested today. still tired and feeling queezy every night not alot that and ive had a craving for something i wouldn't normally, im very bloated even when i've not eaten. today i took a test, it was a poundshop test and the casing on it was huge, as soon as i dipped it in the pee i thought im taking the case off so i can see clearely, it was just a normal strip test underneith then straight awy i saw a very faint line appear just after the test line did while the test was still drying. its still on the test now but its exceptionally faint and of course from what ive told you i would be very early on, i will retest but id like to know, does this sound positive? anyone had anything similar? also just to add, i took another test this morning a first responce one and it came up negative, the possitive is still on the previous £1 test and has got a bit darker... confussed right now also ive started to bleed so increibly worried. at the doctores tomorrow x 

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