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PCOS: Whats your experience?

Hello All! Me and my husband wanted to start trying to have a baby soon and I was recently diagnosed with PCOS after having extremely irregular periods (about 29-50 days). After going to the gyn she had run blood tests showing i had high testosterone levels. And thats about it. Im not overweight, no insulin resistance, no unwanted hair etc. I was just wondering if anyone has the same symptoms as me? Also is it normal for the doc to not even look to see if you have cysts?

I'm just a little nervous for how this all will go. I have been pregnant before being diagnosed and miscarried at 6 weeks. Tell me about you experience! TIA image


  • Hi there,

    I too have been diagnosed with pcos and have had irregular cycles for a few months. We had been ttc for a while and nothing was happening so I spoke with my dr and she told me that pcos can affect it a lot. I am a little over weight and the dr told me that pcos can be controlled as long as I lost about 15-20lbs which I did. We stopped trying so much to conceive and just let things work as they were going to. I am now 7 weeks 5 days pregnant with baby number 2 and I feel great so far. We have seen the baby's heart beat and it's pretty strong already. I think you should get a second opinion on your diagnosis especially if the dr has not actually checked for the cyst. I had an internal ultra sound done and that's when I was diagnosed. I wish you all the best and good luck!
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