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3 First Response Test taken all with faint 2nd lines

Hi, I was hoping to get some input. I had a pack of 1st response pregnancy tests and took the 1st one about a week and a half ago. It was a clear negative. I took a second one last night as I should be starting my period within the next few days. My breast are super tender and swollen but they are always like that before I start my period. The test came back with the faintest of 2nd lines. (Not the control line but the pregnancy line.) I began to get a little freaked because I'm so used to just seeing very clear negative with no other lines. I rushed it over to my aunts and made her look at it make sure it wasn't my imagination. She confirmed that there was a line although you have to give it more than a few seconds glance to see it. My best friend who recently had her 1st baby and probably peed on a stick everyday as she was trying said she saw it, and never had that before in hers. (Her negatives were clear, and her positive was bright.) She's telling me she thinks I'm pregnant. My aunt instructed me to do it again with my 1st pee in the morning (this morning) and I did so. It came back with another faint line that was just the tad bit darker than the last. Of course after a night of searching the Internet for answers this had me reeling and left me thinking thay maybe its not a fluke or a faulty test. I rushed to the store and got an E.P.T. Digital at home test. I went back to sleep for a while (as the 2nd test this morning was done at 4:30am and I was exhausted) and woke up a few house later and did the digital. It came back "not pregnant". From what I've gathered on line and with the intructions though, is that it may not show as a positive on digitals if you're too far away from your missed period still. I expect mine within a week and a few days give or take. Because I'm crazy I went to the store and got another pack of 1st response strip tests and went back to my aunts. I made her pee on one because I know she's not pregnant right now and it came back with only one line and no trace of a second... At all. So, I did a third one and of course there is a 2nd faint line again! These faint lines appear within the 3 minutes window. What are your thoughts?
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