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Looking for personal experience. Was pn th injection for around 3odd years..came off ..went onto microgynon (?) for 1 mo to force period, period came and bam, pregnantimage Went back on depo when dc1 was a few months old, now 2.4 Last injection was August, so missed early November app. Still no period. Am 16 days and 7 days post last unprotected sex. (no periods so way of telling where I am in cycle) and have tested twice negative over last 4 days. Im also about 4st heavier than first ttc so perhaps affecting. (addressing that in the NY!) Doctor gave me cerezette which I've never been on before and im yet to start. She says it is a continuous pill and will stop ovulation. Obviously I don't want this..I just want to force a period! I don't know what to do. For practical reasons I need to be pregnant asap and im reluctant to take it for a whole month if it'll just delay! I want a period before getting pregnant ideally though too. can anyone advise? I know depo can have long lasting affects. . (argh. if I'd known. .) tia xx


  • hmm. baby expert have stolen my paragraphs. . sorry!
  • I have always taken provera to induce a period. I take it for 5 days and about 2 days after stopping it I get a period. At least then you would know where you are. Could you ask your doctor for this? I would also suggest bbt charting so you have some idea of what is going on. I do this and it helps me see if I am ovulating or not. Has your doctor done blood tests to check hormone levels and ovulation?
  • no she hasn't, what is bbt charting? I suppose because its early days she didn't suggest any of that. . its all a bit confusing. .
  • Bbt is basal body temperature charting. You can buy special thermometers (only a few pounds from chemist or online). You take your temp every morning when u first wake up before you get out of bed and you plot it on a chart. You can get apps for doing this. I use fertility friend. It's free and really easy to use. After you've ovulated your temp goes up. Ive found it very helpful in understanding my cycle a bit more. It is all very confusing. Maybe go back to your gp and get something to induce a period that isn't a contraceptive. Does the dr know you are ttc? Really hope you can get it sorted. It's so frustrating waiting for a period and not knowing when to expect it. X
  • I wouldn't take cerazette, I took it for a couple of months before ttc and is made my cycles random lengths for quite a while afterwards
  • thank you for replying. My gut is to not take the cerezette and so im still essentially doing nothing.

    Ever since I stopped the depo I keep getting pains (boobs and lower) and nausea. Its horrible, especially as it skews my sense of 'am I feeling different? ' and the possibility of being pregnant. I notice this is also really common.

    Is it possible and safe for me to fall pregnant before a period? x
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