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Success/experience with Clearblue Fertility Monitor

Hi ladies

We're TTC no1, this month will be the first 'proper' month of trying and I decided to buy a Clearblue Fertility Monitor to take some of the guess work away, CD6 tomorrow so will be the first day that the machine asks for a test stick

Just wondering if anyone else has experience of using this and how successful they were? Like everyone else on here i'm hoping for a BFP sooner rather than later, came off the combined pill (Femodene) 2 years ago in order for it to be totally out of my system and stopped using anything else last month-fingers crossed!


  • Hi, I am currently in my second month of using the monitor. I found it really helpful last month as it told me I was ovulating on day 23 which I would never have thought. No BFP last month and in the two week wait for this month at the moment!

  • Ah pleased to know that it's been useful-I wouldn't have a clue when I ovulate so a monitor seemed like a good idea!

    Fingers crossed for your BFP this month Bee!

  • Good luck you two image xx
  • It's defo useful! I started using it after trying for a year and I found out I wasn't ovulating regularly thanks to the monitor. Eventually I was referred to the fertility clinic and was prescribed clomid to help ovulation and I carried on using the monitor throughout this and I got my BFP after 2.5 years of trying. I don't think I would have fallen pregnant that month without using it! Good luck!x

  • Ahh congrats Alice image xx
  • definitely useful for the both times we were ttc, especially this time around as my cycles kept jumping all over the place.

  • Thanks for all your replies!

    So, I'm now on CD21, had high readings on the CBFM from day 12-18, then on days 19 and 20 had peaks, back down to high today, managed to dtd 4 times (TMI!!) between CD13-20 so covered the high and the peak days, also been temping however temperature yet to rise so I'm guessing that as I had a peak yesterday il probably find my temp has gone up tomorrow morning!

    Just a little bit concerned because I keep reading online about needing to have a luteal phase of longer than 10 days to support a pregnancy, thing is my cycles are usually 28 days which means based on the CBFM readings I'm ovulating really late in my cycle-possibly with only 8 days or so in between ov and af. . . . . should I be worried about this?  If it keeps happening and I don't get a BFP is it worth going to see the GP sooner than the magic '1 year' TTC mark?


    Thanks ladies!

  • Hi ladies i'm on my 3rd month trying with cbfm been trying for the last 3year now but no look . I got my first ever peak today cd14 . Do you ladies have any tips to share with me please I do have pcos so it made harder for me anyway but please ladies anything you think of to help me please share x
  • Quoteimageo you ladies have any tips to share with me

    Yes, I have 1 tip: "It’s important to have realistic expectations regarding this monitor.  Be realistic…not everybody gets pregnant right away. So when you purchase this, don’t get overly excited that you are going to get pregnant within one to two months."

    Taken from:


  • Hi. My partner and I have been ttc for 10mths and no joy yet. I have a 7yr old but he has no children and is getting his swimmers checked nxt wk! We are looking into a fertility monitor now as may make figuring out my cycles easier but dont know what the difference is between the clear blue fertility monitor and the advanced one??

    Thanks! image

  • Hi Ladies,


    I am using the CBFM for the first month. Everything was going fine, started testing on day 6, went to High on day 13 and peaked days 14 and 15, then this morning I switched it on, and it showed day 16 high reading, before I had even taken the stick out its wrapper! Has this happened to anyone before? I can understand it may not require a test on day 16 but to tell me its high with no stick is bizarre! Many Thanks

  • Hiya ladies. I've just rejoined BE as decided to try for our second. Had the cbfm first time round and fell pg in the first month. Unfortunately wasn't meant to be and had a mmc and d&c to remove. Two months later put monitor on and fell again immediately and 41weeks and 1 day later had a beautiful baby boy who is now 2 years 8 months. So decided to try for baby number 2 and have put monitor on. Forgot to reprogramme the thing so was still thinking My body was running the same as before my little boy. I could be ovulating the same but I don't think I am. So where it thinks I'm on day 13 actually I think I'm on day 16-17. Hopefully will fall quickly again but just have a few questions about cbfm that just thought I'd clear up again that's why I have jumped back on BE. Forgot how mind boggling this ttc is! Xx
  • Hi, I am new here, just signed up. My BF and I have been TTC for 14 months now and are becoming quite discouraged. I purchased the CBFM ( the advanced one) and began using it the beginning of March. I felt vey confident my first cycle on it as I got my peak days on CD 14 and 15 like the average women is expected to. But did not fall pregnant. I am now on my second 2nd cycle with the monitor and my body seems to be acting differently. I've read reviews that some people think the monitor is programmed and doesn't read the sticks at all....anyone here feel that way? This cycle I have not received a peak yet and am on CD 15. Anyone else experienced this? The machine asked for sticks starting on CD 6, I got lows till CD 10 then highs till now. I will keep testing as it asks, but I am worried I may not be ovulating regularly. Hope to meet some people here that I can share this experience with. So nerve racking yet exciting at the same time.

  • Hey Ladies, I wanted to ask if someone has used daysy

    That's the one that looks most appealing to me, and I'm almost ready to jump in, but the higher price and the fact that it's new give me a little bit of a pause.

    Anyway if have something to report, it would be nice to hear because all the other fertility monitors seem creepy or weird to me (have you seen the one with the paddles, yikes :)

  • Hi ladies. Well I'm not really one for doing reviews but on this account I really had too.

    so I decided to purchase the clear blue advanced monitor after I had been trying to conceive my 2nd child for 4 months. I fell extremely quickly with my first within the same month I stopped my pill. So after 4 months of trying I became concerned as I am now nearly 8 years older than I was. 

    After  reading the reviews on line I decided to take the plunge and invest in the CBDM from boots, expensive I know but decided if the reviews were right it would be worth it.

    got my peak on day 15 and at 13dpo I am now expecting in the first month of using the monitor. 

    still  early days yet but I'm so happy. 

    I would definitely recommend this product. 

  • Hi ladies, 

    interesting to read your stories on here. I had my mirena coil removed yesterday and my husband and I are going to start ttc asap. Hoping that my period will start fairly soon. I can't actually remember what my periods were like before the coil!! I don't think I paid much attention then. I've bought the clearblue advanced monitor as it seemed way easier than trying to work out my fertile days any other way! 

    The monitor recommends having 2 months hormonal contraceptive free but unfortunately the GP couldn't get my coil out so I had 3 months of going backwards and forwards from hospital to GP's to have scans etc to make sure it was all in place and then finally having it out, the waiting time for the appt was 6weeks! Argh! So I'm just going to start using the monitor right away when my period starts and hope that it doesn't matter too much?! 

  • Hi varenna 

    U can start using the monitor between 1-4 days from when you start your cycle.

    You programme it and set up the testing window which is 6 hours which you know will suit your daily routine.

    The monito requests and alerts you when to test and you basically keep doing this until you display a peak.

    Once you recieve a peak the first day means you will ovulate in around 24 hours so aim to do it loads on first peak.

    You should recrieve two  peak days. 

    After that the monitor will not ask you to test anymore unless its a pregnancy test.

  • Can someone tell me if this monitor will work for me because it's says to start using it on the first day of your cycle and my cycle is always so irregular. So what if it don't start do so have to wait to start monitoring my hormones it will this device be helpful to me? Thank you 

  • I think it will. We've been trying for years and have fallen but takes a year each time. I've had 6 pregnancies. 1 child 3 ectopics and 2 miscarriages including current miscarriage. I started using this in October. I have one tube but my tube can sometimes catch if I ovulate from my tireless side. Most people ovulate about 10 out of 12 months. My first month no peaks. I thought the monitor was just getting used to my hormones but now I think I just didn't ovulate. 2nd month 2 peaks and I fell pregnant. Unfortunately it was Ectopic. I had surgery and injection so couldn't try for 3 months. I had to recalibrate the machine as the batteries had run out. I thought here we go. First month I peaked but we weren't trying. I just wanted to get the monitor up and running. So after all that..cycles all messed up it still worked. 2nd month 2 peaks we were trying. Again I fell but unfortunately I'm in process of miscarrying. But I now feel confident I can fall quickly whereas before it always took a year. Our timing must've been out. Plus no worries if not pregnant when no peaks as you know you didn't ovulate. I highly recommend this machine. Customer service is great too. Nowhere does it say the sensitivity of the pregnancy tests. I rang them up and they told me it's 50mlU.. Good luck testing and trying xx

  • That should say tubeless side. Not tireless bloody phones!! 😁

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