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Round 2 of clomid

Im new to this chat room thing, so bare with me! I have pcos, diagnosed when i was 18. My husband & I have been ttc for over a year! I went to a obgyn on jan 22nd, she prescribed me clomid 50 mg, metformin 1500 mg and provera. I started taking provera immediately for 10 days bc I hadn't had a natural period since july! I started 3 days after the last pill. Then I started clomid days 3-7. Went for bloodwork on day21! It said I had ovulated! Yay!!  However 3 days later I started again, meaning my cylce was only 24 days long. So I took clomid 50mg again. I ovulated on day 16, which was march 15th! I am 10DPO, I was suppose to start monday! I am having alot of symptoms including, sore breast, frequent  urination, lower back pain, and nausea, I took a test today and it was negative! Is it too early to tell if Im pregnant even tho my cyle is only 24 days long!?


  • Hey hun, in some cases 10dpo isn't too early to test but for others, it's just not quite long enough after ov. Can you hold off until perhaps 13-14dpo? Will be more likely to give you a more accurate idea image

    Do you know what day you ovulated last time? Did you mean you started af only 3 days after ovulating or 3 days after you found out you ovulated? If the amount of days after you've ovulated is less than 10, definitely mention it to your health care person - could be a lack of progesterone. 12 days plus is considered best. 

    I'm also on Clomid, just past ovulation on my first cycle after ttc for a year. I also haven't had a natural period since July, same as you. Just waiting to confirm ovulation tomorrow at my scan and get my progesterone levels checked (never got this far before by actually ovulating, woohoo!) so will see how it goes. 

    Let us know how you get on! 

  • I meant that I started on day 24. Today my AF came so hopefully the third round of clomid will work! I have ovulated the past two times on just 50mg, which is amazing for me!

    Good Luck to you! I hope you get your BFP soon!

  • I had 50mg of Clomid too image Just found out today that I definitely did ovulate but I've got a huge cyst left over which should have collapsed after popping out the egg. Yuck. Causing a stitch-like feeling, very annoying! Still, keeping everything crossed that maybe, just maybe, we got lucky and an egg fertilised.

    Keeping everything crossed for you this cycle image

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