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need some serious help am i pregnant

okay so for the last couple weeks i had some cramping which i though was from ovulation. i have had some heart burn and keep getting up in the middle of the night to pee. my boobs dont hurt though and my period is due tomorrow. i checked inside my area today and when i pulled my finger out there was a huge glob of thick mucus could i be pregnant?


  • Hi

    You could be or you could just be getting ready for your period. If you dont normally get these symptoms though i would say take a test tomorrow if period doesnt show. Good luck x
  • Hi didnt want to read and run, hope all is ok? did you test at all? 

  • I was supposed to get my period today but I'm rarely ever regular but I was last month and the month before I'm thinking of testing today I'm just really nervous any thoughts? Both my parents passed away so I don't really have my mom to talk to about this ya know
  • The goo could be that your nearing ovulation, i'm 14wks pregnant and i ovulated 3wks after my period because that cycle was especially long that month. Is it possible that you've not ovulated yet or are you sure that you did ovulate???
  • Well I had slight cramping a couple weeks ago so I thought I was ovulating then
  • best way to know is test huni we are all here for you xx

  • You should do an opk soon because it is possible that you've ovulated late this month for one reason or another!!
  • okay so i took a test this afternoon cause i didnt get my period and i got a negative fast i thought and i look a little later and it had a faint top line...what does this mean?

  • I would take another test and go by the time frame it says to look at the result as looking at the test too early can give a false result as the test is still deciding on the result. It should say to look at it after 2-3 mins and to never gp by a result after 10 mins i think it is as you can get an evap line which makes people asume its a positive.

    Good luck x
  • morning huni 

    i would test again and check test with in 5 mins no longer, i would try pink dye test like first response if your periods are a bit all over the place, good luck, i had every every faint lines when i tested early that i thought my eyes where playing tricks but they where there and got darker over a period of about 1 week xx

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