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Could I be pregnant?

I've been on the pill for about 6 months. On this pack I missed a pill on week 2 by about 12-14 hours so I took it as soon I remembered and finished the pack correctly. The pill is my only method of protection.

On (4/20) 5 days before my expected period, (4/25) I started spotting brown discharge only when I wiped, but I could push and I'd get a clear, but foggy vaginal discharge. Along with the spotting I also got light cramping, a stuffy nose and I've been sweating unless I take off a blanket in which case then I become very cold. A day later I started to notice that the veins in my pubic area were more visible, not protruding though. My boobs also seem swollen/large however they are not tender, though they were about a week ago. I also became dizzy and when I laughed or coughed on my lower left side where I would assume an ovary was, I experienced this feeling of mild soreness like after working out. I am not experiencing nausea or food cravings however when I smell food now I lose my appetite.
The day before my expected period the brown discharge practically stopped.
Now today (4/25) I should have started my period but instead I have this brown discharge again, so I took an early pregnancy test which said negative but I understand it could be too early if I have low levels of hcg.
Basically I'm just curious if I could be pregnant, any advice would be very appreciated, thank you!


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