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spotting ??

Hi there, me & hubs are ttc number using a period tracker to to tell me when im ovulating. Which is around this week.a few days ago I found a very small amount of blood on tue,nothing wed, thur & fri & then today a light brown discharge.what does this mean? Im getting a few cramps it implanting or? Has anyone experienced this? Kind regards kim


  • Hi

    Sounds like it possibly could be implantation bleeding! Ive never had it but from what I've read it does sound like it could be!

    Good luck and let us know when you've taken a test! X
  • Thanks haleigh, thanks 4 ur reply.My period cycles are quite last 1 was 38 gotta wait till the 11th of may till test day . (according to my period tracker) ive never had spotting b4.not even with my first pregnancy. I hope it is.fingers crossed & thank you image
  • You can always test a couple days before period would be due with a early response but I'm not sure how accurate the result would be!

    Have you had any cramps? Thats the only thing i got before i found out i was xx
  • Yeah thats true. I might buy one of those.thanks for that. I have had cramps.i do usually get them around ovulation I think? but not the spotting.
  • Yeah theres no harm in buying one but just keep in mind it could be a false result. Dont get a clear blue either as there really sensitive and can give out negatives when others will say positive. I only brought one to confirm how far i was when i got my positive on a cheap test xx
  • Thanks hun.i did the same with my 1st preg.the clear blue are expensive arent they. You ttc??
  • Yeah mine cost ??10 but sometimes they have offers.

    No I'm pregnant image not long left to go as well! Im 36 weeks and 3 days tomorrow xx
  • Oh wow!!! Congratulations bab, how lovely. You all set to go? 1st or? Hope everything goes ok for you & your lil bundle of joy image
  • Thanks image

    Just about! Still got a couple other things to get but there nothing major if she decides to come early.

    Yeah its my first image im getting scared thinking about the labour now its getting closer! Not the pain il be goinf through but just the other things that could happen. My boyfriend and mum are keep saying stop thinking negative but its hard not to at times!xx
  • Bless ya,sounds to me your all ready & waiting. I think what kept me goin was that id get my lil baby girl @ the end of it. Its very tiring but so worth it. Its hard to explain but join in with your body.breath thru each one.i found a pool of warm water really helped with my back pain.hope this is some help. Thank you for your help'll have to let me know how you & baby are.its exciting image
  • Ahh thanks hun image

    Its ok anytime and yes i will! Make sure you update when you take a test xx
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