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Advise needed ladies!

My story...I'll keep this short and sweet. 24 years old, had a miscarriage November 2013 at 7 weeks. Been TTC since then (4 months in total) periods have been very far apart since MMC (39/38/37 day cycles) and this month AF just hasn't come at all! Done numerous tests and definitely not pregnant, now AF is almost 1 week late with no signs of arriving. My question I see my GP? What could they do for me? I fell pregnant the first time within 1 month and I'm not having any luck this time...and with my periods being so irregular I'm worried. Any advise would be appreciated image xx


  • Hey, if you're concerned there is no harm in seeing your Dr, however, I would say you may just need to be patient. I've had 2 missed miscarriages in the past and it can throw your body off. After my first miscarriage I had 3 regular af's then I had 3 af's in one month! I went and saw my GP and was told that as long as it doesn't persist then it is likely not an issue.

    I know your story is different then mine, but try to give your body to do its thing.

    It took me 4 months to conceive the first time, 8 months the second time and a year and 9 months the 3rd (im currently 27 weeks pregnant).

    Try not to put too much pressure on yourself, I'm convinced that it took me so long to conceive the third time because of all the pressure and stress I put on myself.

    I'm so sorry for your loss and hope that some of this helps.
  • Wow you've been a great help! Thank you for sharing your story too...really puts things into perspective for me. I'll keep my fingers crossed AF arrives soon...I just don't want to waste a GPs time that's all.

    I really appreciate it image

    Thank you very much xxx
  • No problem, I'm happy to share my experiences if it will help someone.

    All the best to you image
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