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trying for a baby

Me and my partner are trying for a baby. Ive come off the depo on the 8th april. I havent had my period but my partners got it into his that i might be pregnant. Would it be worth doing a test or to wait? Xxx


  • Hi

    If it will make you feel better then take one as theres no harm. Just buy a cheap one.

    I know though at times when coming of birth control it can take a couple months sometimes for your body to get back to normal and have regular periods again but thats not everyone. Ive seen on this website people coming of the pill and few weeks later their pregnant.

    Hope you get your bfp soon xxx
  • Hi huni 

    i would take a test if it was me, cant do any harm, how long have you been on the depo?


  • Ive been on it since i had my 1st period after theo was born n that was nov 12 xxx
  • you might be one of the lucky ones babe that fall fast after the depo xx 

  • I doubt it! Ive got pains in the bottom of my tummy now :/ xx
  • could be implant pains? i never had any sort of implant bleeding with the 4 times iv fallen, my little tail tail sign was i didnt get spots lol and i would test 1 day before period was due image

  • Cud b, but ive never had a implant bleed huni xxx
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