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Hi everyone, just wondering, my little boy is 16 weeks old today, and we are planning to try for another baby when he is about two! I know it's a long way off, but my labour and birth with him was awful!!! I went 16 says over, had to be induced, was contracting for 14 hours and wasn't dialating at all, then when they finally took me down to labour ward to have the drip it was another 12 hours of awful irregular contractions until it was time to push! I ended up having an epidural because I was totally exhausted! Then the forceps came out after half an hour of pushing due to baby's heart rate dropping. I was cut and I also tore badly after his delivery (sorry tmi) and was in total agony down there w for weeks and weeks after! I had to get in the shower just to pee ffs! It stung SO bad!!!! Anyway, sorry about the essay, I'm just terrified of having to go through all that again! Are the chances lower for an assisted birth after your first child?? It terrifies me so much! I couldn't walk for ages, and I felt like I had failed during the labour! Any advice is much appreciated! Xxx


  • I had a assisted delivery after induction with my first and also tore and was cut and my sons head was swollen a long time. Second time I went into labour 3 days over, thought might be labour at 10, got to hospital at 12 and had him at 2. No intervention and was only examined once. I did tear tho x
  • Thanks for the reply! Iv heard horror stories about having forceps with first birth and then not being able to deliver naturally afterwards! Your labour sounded like a breeze! Made up everything can go normally now image thank you xx
  • I had a ventouse with my first and was cut. My stitches burst and got infected and like u had to pee in the shower for weeks! It was agony.

    I had my daughter on 21st April. I started contracting at 10pm, got to hospital at 11pm and she was born in the pool with no drugs or intervention at midnight! I had a small skin tear which was stitched but I've had hardly any pain, no trouble sitting or peeing. A week on and I feel great and can't believe how different it's been x
  • Awww brill! So glad it went better for u second time round! My stitches also burst! But the midwife looked at them and said they would knit back together on their own!!!! Well it took forever!! I do have hope now that it won't be like pure hell second time round image xxx
  • I was desperate to hear good second time stories too when I was pg!

    Each birth really is different.

    Wishing u all the best for your next pregnancy x
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