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Strange period, advice needed please

Hi ladies,

I've been a lurker on these boards for a while but decided to join as I could really use some advice!

DH and I have been ttc since mid-Jan this year when i stopped taking Cilest after being on it for 11 years. On 19 Feb i had my first proper AF but it came and went in 3 days - one medium and two light. After that, i waited 5 weeks then had a fairly normal period for 5 days (26-30 Mar). According to FF, this then meant my fertile days in April would be 09-10-11 and ov should be anytime from 12-16 April. DH and I BD'd 2, 3, 4, 7, 9, 10, 13 and 16 April.

On 22 April (4 weeks since my last AF) with absolutely no warning, no cramps, backache or anything i noticed quite bright red (sorry TMI) blood when i wiped in the early evening, but there was barely anything on the tampon i used overnight or on the 23rd (and what there was was brownish), so i didn't put another back in on the 24th at all and i didn't have any blood at all that day or that night. On the 25th, i noticed more when i wiped but again it wasn't a lot, though maybe a little more than on the 22nd but not by a lot and more reddish again. Overnight and into the morning of the 26th it was consistent but very light (and more brown) then from the afternoon of the 26th (last Sunday from 2ish onwards) there was nothing and has been nothing ever since. Throughout those 4 days i had no cramps, no backache, but yesterday (29th) i did have some abdomen cramps although nothing dissimilar to what light AF cramps would be, and they only lasted about 40 mins.

As well as this, i have noticed i seem to have more veins on my boobs and small ones on the nipples but these seem darker in the day and fainter in the mornings (though that could be the lighting in my bedroom which is quite soft). I haven't noticed that they are any bigger, but were quite tender yesterday to touch. I also had some white silky CM yesterday and Monday, but not a huge amount though i could tell it was there.

SO - i took one of those cheapie PG pee in a pot sticks from Preseed this morning - though not first morning urine as partly what prompted me was needing to pee again before leaving for work, which never happens, but BFN. As i can't say with any confidence what my "normal" cycle is yet, as I've only had 2 definite periods since bcp and one weird one just gone, i don't know what to think. Any advice would be welcomed! I will probably do a CB test tomorrow morning but if still a BFN I'm not sure what this month's "period" (if you can call it that) was!

Thanks in advance image


  • Dnt do clear blue until after yr due period. Yr more likely to get a positive with some other tests. First response seem to be the one of the best. Xx
  • Thanks Samantha. My period "would" have been due today-ish IF still on a 5 week cycle and whatever happened last week wasn't actually it lol

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