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please help mega confusing test result

hi guys i was due on my period yesterday but havent come on so i took a test today and 2 lines came up!!!! I ran upstairs to tell my fiance and one of them had dissapeared leaving a BFN image this is a pic of the test 




then we noticed just under the "max" bit looks a bit dark so peeled it back and there was a seccond line there this is the pic of that 


can someone please help us figure out what this means? 



  • Had exactly the same thing this week, but went out and bought a different test which came up negative. image So I guess that's a no then........ I think that the positive line is meant to be quite close to the control line!

  • Yeah that's negative hun, lines should be closer together Xx
  • thanks for the comments ladies image I will see if i come on by next week if not i will do another test image really hoping i am pregnant. awww mrsboysmum i hope you get your BFP soon xx

  • Thanks Chezza, still not come on yet and did the deed on all the right days so maybe......image

    Good luck for your BFP keep us posted x x 

  • try a first response or clear blue but not digital, i had trouble with the dip test like this x

  • Hi Sarah, Its a this would be number 4 you would think I had the hang of it by now, but am sick of buying tests now, never had conflicting results before thinking probably chemical pregnancy, but if so a period would be good!!!!!!

  • Mrsboysmum i didnt think u could get a false positive? aww i hope its a bfp for u hun x

  • Hi Laura, nor did I!!!! But had a confusing dip test like Shezza, a negative first response, positive own brand test.......then a negative one, I dispair! Don't actually think I am pregnant but as this is the last month of trying for us it is super frustrating not to know one way or the other image

  • Aww how come its the last month for you to be trying? I hope u get ur BFP but im pretty sure u dont get a false positive u can get a false negative though hun, my mum had that with my brother she had a positive then a negative then a positive so u never know xx ill keep my fingers crossed for you xx

  • Hi Laura, finally got a proper BFP......So no more trying needed lol.  It was the last month because HB is going away for some months next year and didn't want to be pregnant or have a tiny baby when he went.  We live in the middle of nowhere so if I had to have a section or something and couldn't drive we would all starve to death lol.

    Thanks for your good wishes x x x

  • congrates on you bfp xx

  • Thanks Sarah x x

  • Awwww a massive congratulations image told u u cant get a false positive image im really made up for u hun. Ill message u cos i dont want to take over this persons post image x

    I cant message u hun for some reason, but was just going to ask what u were hoping for a pink or blue bump? x

  • hi ladies just thought i would pop on to let you know i am not expeting a little bundle of joy just yet image but fingers crossed we will be soon

  • Awww good luck for next month x x x 

  • Aww im sorry hun fingers crossed for next month please dont give up hope though hun image xx I know it's hard but try an not to make it the main thing for making love, just have fun an go with it, cos bubs will come when they ready trust me i know lol. 

    I came off the pill before i had my son an it didn't go well i ended up with cysts on my ovaries an bled for 6 months an was overweight so i went back on the pill after being told it was unlikely id have children an lost some weight an put it to the back of my mind an then bam i fell pregnant on the pill! work that out! x

  • thanks you so much ladies image  cant wait until we have our baba image me and my fiance have decided to give tryng a break for now and try again in a few months image. aww congrats lara on your little bundle of joy image Happy for you. thank you both again your kind words mean a lot to us xx

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