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babies and more babies i want more

Does anyone else have an overwhelming desire to have more babies? I have 2 girls which I'm besotted with and since my second arrived last October I've been super broody at first I thought it was just hormones but the feeling has never left I just want another child as much as I longed for my other ones, I want to be pregnant again, everything I want to experience it all again so badly . Anyone else feel like this x


  • Yep same here my youngest is 17 weeks tomoz n I wana b preg again lol even tho I'm still recovering from a botched c section x

  • Oh crickey LH86 a botched cs you must be in agony lovely when they go right it's painful. I'm so glad it's not just me that's super broody I'd love to have a whole gang of kids but I don't think my age will allow now but I'd be happy with one more. Hope your recovering ok I found a nice bath helped with cs recovery I used to tense up loads with the pain which made everything hurt and in the bath I relaxed more. Hope your better soon, and pregnant too image take care

  • Thanks hun. My partner says no way jose absolutely no more kids but hopefully he'll come round one day xx

  • My little one is two weeks and two days today lol shes my first. I had a long and quite a traumatic birth and my stitchings down there have all came open and they cant restitch so having to wait until it heals naturally but after all this i really cant wait to actually have another baby lol although i think i will wait until shes at least 2 or 3 xx
  • Good idea to wait a bit haleigh hope your better soon.

    I don't think men understand when we say we want more children, it's something that's built into us it's maternal, genetic, scientific in a way, it's a desire that's out of our control and one that if God willing we can have more children and our circumstances are right then why not. I'm trying to explain this to my husband at the moment and it's taking some doing but he's starting to understand phew x

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