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Cerazette - how easy will I find it to get pregnant?

I've been on cerazette for about 9 months, and came off it about 3 or 4 weeks ago. We've been having unprotected sex since I came off, but after reading stories online I don't know how long it will take me to conceive. I haven't had a period yet, on the pill I used to be on I'd come on if I missed like two pills. So it's just worrying me now as it's been a few weeks. I've been pregnant before, however had an abortion as I was too young, but I wasn't on the pill for years at that stage. So I know I can actually get pregnant, I'm just impatient and id like to know if I could already be pregnant having been in this pill and hearing bad stories haha. I've tried ovulation tests but it doesn't seem to have picked up ovulation any point this month. I've had really sore nipples and mood swings, but that could just be because I've come off the pill. I took a test that came back as negative last month, but could I be pregnant so quickly after this pill? I'd love some reassurance, it'd be my first child. Thanks!


  • It can take up to a year to get pregnant, took me four months so it's different for everyone. You can expect your period to arrive up to nine week's after you've come off it Xxx
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