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Irregular cycle pattern, no BFP!!

Hi girls!

I shall tell you a little about myself first... I have a baby boy who is 10 and a half months old.

We decided we would like our children close together and conceived again very quickly when he was very little (2 months old), sadly I lost that baby at 10 weeks... which was December 2013.

I have since every month tried to conceive. I've had an irregular cycle from 25-29 days. Today I'm on day 29... no AF and no positive test... it's so frustrating!!

I must add with the baby I lost it took me a week to get a positive result... a week past when my AF was due. With my son I found out on the day I was due my AF.

All I can think is I now ovulate late in my cycle or if I am pregnant again will this end the same way??!! I'm so fed up of waiting!!

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