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back on the ttc wagon :-)

Hi all. Not sure I understand this new site lol I don't seem to be able to see any of my other posts on this thread (including the "opening post") it all seems to be blank!!?? I am due AF on 2nd of December so am currently in the tww!! Here's hoping for a Christmas bfp for us all.xxxxxx

How is everyone? I am DYING to know how everyone and their babies are doing and who ttc has gotten their bfp's but can't find any updates grrrr lol. 

I will list some names (no doubt i won't remember them all lol) and hopefully if I can't find u, you can find this post and update :-) , k, here goes....

Levipink, anjwass, Sarah Rowland, piperpayne (and now I'm drawing a blank lol but I know there are many more) I've looked for the due in sept Oct and Nov threads but can't find them :-( I will keep looking and fingers crossed I will see everyone's news xxxxx


  • Just a quick bit of info about me and my TTC journey as my original post seems to have dissapeared! 

    I had my last AF on the 29thof October and I usually have a 32 day cycle. I had a weird AF last month (bled for 17days) and was two days late (very unusual for me) so I am hoping this doesn't mean my next AF I'll be late!? According to my fertility app I ov'd on Tuesday and we have DTD plenty over the three days before up until last night (missing a couple of nights in between to let dh recharge lol) I had a partial molar pregnancyin April which ended at twelve weeks gestation and I've had seven other miss carriages too. I have three dd's aged 10,7  and 20 months and this baby (the one we will hopefully get after all this TTC) will be out last.

    Good luck everyone and I look forward very much to sharing this journey with you all :-). Xxxxxx

  • Good luck keepthefaith! Keep us posted x

  • Hey sw2, how are you gettingon hun? Hope everything's OK with you ?? Any news for you yet? I will definitely keep you posted :-) xxx

  • i have sent you a PM and just noticed this post...I am great thanks and Amber is now 15 weeks old and is coming on great 😀

    fingers crossed for you this month hun xx

    here is a pic of my gorgeous girl ❤️


  • Aw, Amber is lovely AngWass2! Thank you so much for posting that pic.

  • Thank you Helen image she is growing up sooo quick but amazes me every day x

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