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What does this pregnancy test mean?

Hi! I just took a pregnancy test and it has a very faint line. I had unprotected sex about 3 weeks ago. I'm not sure what to think of this test... Below is the link to the photo. What do you think?


  • I would say that's a positive but I only ever use pink dye tests so not sure about evap lines. If you can try a pink one and see if you get the same. Good luck but it looks promising!

  • Hi! Just an update - I took a different pink dye test this morning and... Nothing! Are these blue evap lines unreliable? Thanks!
  • I've heard they are worse than pink ones for evap lines. Its not good. do you know when you are due af because the blue one may have been more sensitive. If no period when due I would test again. image

  • Thanks! I'll test again in a week. So hard to wait and have that "unknown" feeling!!
  • Yeah I know what you mean. Good luck!! image
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