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TTC & Irregular Cycles

Hi ladies me and the DH are TTC with Irregular Cycles. I have been tracking them on Ovia for a year. We already have 1 amazing 3yrd old boy but want another lil one. He has been working offshore so our sexual activity started Aug 29. Heres how my period cycle kinda goes March 16, Apr 28, June 5, July 7th, Skipped Aug altogether according to Ovia which I did Next AF Due Sep 29th. I had a 80day cycle since I skipped Aug but Ovia says I still Ovulated Sep 12-17 OV day 15th. Now  for three days before my AF due I have light pink spotting where I only see it when I wipe. Today it is gone althogether. I took a test this afternoon and it was BFN. Am I really just having an early light period after an 80 day cyle which is not normal for me even with irregualr or is this implantation bleeding and should I retest if so how long should I wait. I am in desperate need of advice ladies please help


  • Were on ttc too and the result yesturday was faint 2 lines still waiting till tom for another test hoping forbthe best, 

    They say that being stress wont help you cncv try to be calm and relax, its just a matter of patience and hope ♥ just keep trying and trying, and if you want to do a second test try again or ask help from an ob for clearer answers, goodluck to both of us♥

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