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Im back and trying for baby #2!!!

So joshua is now 13 months old, and weve decided to crack on and make him a little brother or sister!

Took us a year to get pregnant last time with 1 m/c, so hoping the ride is smoother this time!

Anyone else trying for #2 or even baby #1 lol 

xx supersquish!



  • I am ♥ 2nd one

    Good luck ♥ Baby dust to all ♥

  • Ahhhh good luck, I'd love to try for number 3 in the next year or so but having a hard time convincing my partner lol x
  • Just done with my 4th test and again found faint lines again maybe its still early image

  • Well I'm due to ovulate today or tomorrow, had cramping today so bought some ov sticks to see if its happened or not, was neg today so hoping we've caught on, will test for next 4 days just in case lol

    If we conceive in next 2 months we should have 2 babies under 2

    It's our first month trying and I can feel the obsession already hahahaha!

    @claire how many dpoare you? Xx

    @LH men.... So stubborn, he decided to try again... Must say he took me by surprise lol
  • Post a pic, wanna see image x
  • Hi supersquish,  not sure if you remember be but I was in the due in aug 2013 groups and iam recognise your name, hope all is well with your first born my little girl is almost 14 months in a few weeks and iam due my second tomorrow 6 Oct, not sure if she is getting a little brother or a little sister as I didnt find out so really excited at the moment.

    Good luck with trying again hoping you get s BFP soon, take care x

  • I dont know bout my dpo coz i had an irregular period and my case is done my pill last may, the pill is to make my period regular, then i havent got my period since then and my first menstruation is last sept5 it last up to sept 10 so im not sure when to count my dpo ♥ im not even sure if i ovulated, done with my 5th test and it is faint result will still wait until next week, coz my ob was out of town and will be back next week and she scheduled me for ultrasounds and blood test i even manage to email her my results, she cant say if its bfp until my sched still hoping and praying for a bfp♥

  • Omg hi supersquish!!! I remember you from when u were TTC with Joshua I am TTC number four ATM after a partial molar pregnancy ended in April at twelve weeks. Been "actively" TTC this time for three cycles and am on cycle day 8 today of a 32 day cycle. I am hoping it won't take us too long to conceive this time and I am sprinkling TONS of baby dust on everyone TTC image xxx

  • Oh it's great to hear from you guys! @queenasanti yes I do remember you too lol so you fell pregnant when baby was about 4 months? You'd going to have your handful hehe

    @keepthefaith also remember you, sorry to hear that and good luck and baby dust image

    @claire10 that sounds frustrating, my cycles are better since I had josh, mine used to be irregular!

    As for me we dtd cd14 and got pos opk cd16 so dunno if we're in for a chance this month... But staying hopeful... It's only first month trying and I'm already stressing out... But think its because I know we don't get much time for sex these days lol and if I ov when Danny's on nights... It's a wasted month image
  • Yes a little frustrating but i wont give up ♥ coz if i get a bfn i will try the clomid ♥ there are lots of ways that i havent tried yet,

    Baby dust to all♥

  • hey... i also have one princess and ready for no 2 but struggling, this month we were active a lot around my ovulation period and just  when i thought im pregnant i got really bad cramps and even though it wat 7 days early i got what seemed to be my period. really confused as to whether its a period or implantation or even chemical pregnancy... pls help

  • Was it a light bleed and has it stopped? If its heavy red bleeding I'd say its your period if its on going.

    I got my period 4 days early this month so it can happen image fingers crossed for a bfp! X
  • looks like my normal period only difference is the timing and that this time no blood clots.. 

  • its soo depressing... because i was certain that im pregnant... how does one deal with the emotional pain that follows 

  • If you haven't had a positive pregnancy test then it's hard to say! TTC is really hard! I lost a baby at 8 weeks and was devestated, your not due your period yet, your period may just be early, it happens.

    It's a emotional roller coaster, you need to wait it out Hun, really wish u could be more help i feel like giving u my number so we can talk lol I've been through this once before, it's so hard!

    Month after month disappointment image
  • I feel so sick i dont knoe if my body is playing with me, all the hpts that i used are giving me a result of faint lines, my ob sched me for my blood test and ultrasound next week, and i dont want to expect because expectations when did not go to plan it will break my heart so bad, but if thats the case all i need to do is to accept and try again, eventhough it is easy to say and hard to do. Just dont loose hope and faith, that is what i always say♥

  • I'm back and trying for number 2, was originally in due in Oct 2010, this time it's taking a little longer image xx
  • How long you been trying pod3010? X
  • This will be 9 months hun xx
  • so the bleeding lasted one day.... nw im having brown discharge.... image eish.... dont feel like testing

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