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Bartholin's cyst... Anyone had one?

So woke up a few days ago with a sizeable lump on/under my vulva, right next to my entrance! I'd notice for a few days before that underwear was rubbing. Went to local gum drop in clinic ( mum works there so got seen fast rather than trying to get appointment in doctors..) and she said its a Bartholin's cyst! It's quite uncomfortable and painful to sit, it's about as big as the end of a tea spoon, not quite egg sized but big enough! She said its fine and should go away by itself unless it gets infected... But how do I know if its infected??!! Google said antibiotics help and if it gets too big and painful it will require surgery! It's not nice when ttc and want it gone ASAP! Any insight anyone?? Xx


  • No insight or advice really but hope it goes quickly. You're on your two week wait aren't you? Hope it's not too uncomfortable. Xx

  • Yeah I'm 7 dpo today, 7 days to go! Lol
  • Hi supersquish, just wanted to say I had one of these cysts while carrying my youngest two uears ago  (in pretty much in the same place as you by the sounds of it) and can totally sympathise with you as it WS so incredibly painful. Eventually mine got infected, swelled and burst. It went from the size of a grape to the size of a golf ball in a 24 hour period it was shocking but as soon as it popped so sorry for tmi) it was so much better. I still have a small hard pea sized lump where it was even today and apparently they can keep filling up but tough wood I've had no problems with it since. I believe they can lance them if antibiotics don't work but I'd sayvyou at least need those as if its causing you pain.

    Hope it goes soon hun xxx

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