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Hi all...I have been reading these forums for a while I am 36 and have pcos...I have been taking vote successfully for a year. Little did I know it can help you conceive. Anyways I had my last normal period 10-12...then 5 days prior to this month time I spotted only when I went to the bathroom then had light bleeding one day then back to spotting another 2 days...this is not normal for me. I may spot a day or 2 prior occasionally then have a period for 3 or 4 days. It was anywhere from red to pink light to dark brown beige even a oranges color at one time....crazy weird..I had suspected so I went to the dr..negative blood test. Apparently you can't get positive til implantation. I have had shortness of breath then horrible metallic taste tingling and burning nipples, I have nipples now lol....and last few days going to bathroom alot...and if I don't eat I get lightheaded and knowing these are all pregnancy symptoms....I go back to dr...I have utility but she said you only feel like u have to go to the bathroom all the time...I for sure have to go when I get the feeling...everytime..I have had I am paying attention. She thinks I have silent acid reflux causing metallic taste...and hormonal issues for the rest...which hey I just want to know!! I took a first response a week ago it was positive immediately then after a few min it faded...after that even using first morning all negatives...I am getting an ultrasound done to check for cysts next week but last year they did abdominal unless he said he needed to do gyno said I have the most retroverted uterus he has seen.

My question is I am so afraid of sounding crazy asking for a transvaginal when my Dr thinks it's impossible even tho I know it's not! Should I wait to make the appointment with radiology so it would be later if I am? Last year I also has small uterine fibroid so would they confuse those for early sac with abdominal? I don't want to spend anymore time wondering...I want to know once and for all...I'd rather wait to have a baby at least a year if I even can but it wouldn't be the end of the world if it was now...I just want to know. I take a few med I would need to stop. Any advice would be great and u promise not to be like the majority I have read and not update so everyone can learn from my experience that are actually trying. Thank you!!


  • Hi meshell78 - and welcome to MadeForMums!

    We're going to move your thread to the Trying to conceive topic, where more people who are also hoping to get pregnant soon, and who may have be having a similar experience to you, are likely to be looking.

    Hope you get the answers you're looking for.

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