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Please help.....

Hi ladies, I came off my pill and my period was due yesterday, it didn't arrive and the doctor said its because I am probably not ovulating and it will take anywhere between a couple of weeks to 3-4 months before I might ovulated again..... I have a 3 year old daughter and has periods as soon as I stopped taking my pill so I don't have any experience with this... Can I find out when I'm likely to ovulate or has anyone got experience with this?? Thanks for any help and advice you can give :)


  • I'd be pleased to hear about this also, my DD arrived in Sept and thoughts are on no.2 Is that too early, am I over keen ? DD sleeps OK but if she stops when no.2 arrives I may not cope so well. How do I know when the right time between the first two. A friend with five doesn't see the issue, but I don't intend to be a busy as her. What's "normal" ?

  • Hi, all I can suggest is maybe buy one of those ovulating kits, to see if you are ovulating ?? I'd wait for your first period to arrive first, how many days late are you ? I was late the first cycle by 3 days, then the next cycle was 2 days late, I think your body needs to adjust for a good 3 months or so first tbh. I'm covered in spots since stopping the pill Lol.. Lovely ha ha..

  • Thanks ladies, ive had a dull stomach ache all day so think my monthlies is here.... Which has strangely made me feel brilliant as it means I'm ovulating although it means no baby this month. My period was due Sunday so I'm 2 days late. I'm so relieved it seems as though my body may be ovulating after all!!!! My goodess I forgot how stressful all this business was!! 

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