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Getting pregnant after miscarriage

Hello! New here, just wanting to get some advice/chat from people in the same boat as myself so thought i'd share my story.

Me and my partner decided to try for our first baby back in June of this year, i had been on microgynon for 6 years before this. Anyway took my last pill 1st July '14 got period 5th of July and then literally fell pregnant right away! Got a scan date for 8th of Oct, i was 13 weeks 4 days pregnant at this point. But unfortunately there was no baby on the screen just an empty sac! We were told i had had an anembryonic pregnancy and the pregnancy could not go on, meaning the baby had started to develop but there was an abnormality and the baby was just 'reabsorbed' but my body continued on with the pregnancy, the sac and placenta continued on as if it was a viable pregnancy and i was still getting all the symptoms. So horrible as we thought since we were past 12 weeks everything was fine.  

So i was told my options and decided to go ahead with the surgery (d&c) as i did not want to wait for it to happen naturally. Had my surgery on the 20th of October bled for about a week and a half afterwards and once the bleeding stopped we decided to just go for it again. We were told it is fine to try again straight away aslong as we feel up to it. 

It has been five weeks since my surgery now and no signs of a period coming (sorry tmi) really hoping it will just happen right away again! We're both 22 and healthy so the odds are in our favour (I hope) Has anyone else fell pregnant right away after a miscarriage? 

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