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Evap lines or faint positive?

I took 2 cheap boots test and got 2 very faint lines after 10 minutes... I have taken another cheap eBay test today (2 days later) and nothing!! I'm so confused 😩 are these evap lines? image


  • To me personally these look like evaporation lines & usually the result will be displayed within 3 minutes. Anything after 3 minutes (according to leaflet inside package) is void & you shouldn't regard this as your final result... ♥

    However, that's not to say you aren't pregnant! :) 

    Usually its too early for the pregnancy hormone HCG to be detected in your blood yet. HCG doubles in levels every 2 days so maybe give it a week & test again lovely :) xx

    If you experience any spotting (little bleeding) that is darker in colour and lasts only a couple of days round about the time your due your period this could well be implantation bleeding & is normally the earliest indication that you are pregnant. Positive pregnancy tests usually happen a few days after implantation bleeding however not every woman has implantation bleeding as everyone is completely different :)

    I really hope you get the result your looking for lovely!! ♥

    ♥♥ Hope this was helpful ♥♥

    Happy M xxx

  • They say when the lines appears whiting the time frame it is positive but when it appears more than the time frame it is negative and that is where evap lines accur💝

  • Within not whiting lolz typo error sorry

  • The test says disregard after 10 minutes that's why I'm very confused, im 10dpo so unsure if this is too soon 

  • Try to test again after 48 hours, I think 10 dpo is still early to detect :) if you can't wait lolz just try and try testing, on my part I'm so always excited to use a pregnancy test haha I'm a pt addict lolz

  • Did another test and got a positive 😊 now im freaking out as I had my inplanon removed 3 months ago and I heard that can be related to miscarriage 

  • Just relax and be calm, congratulations 💝 

    I don't have any idea on inplanon sorry, all I can advice is to relax yourself don't worry too much.

  • Hello Loz image

    Congratulations on your big positive mummy!!

    Please don't worry your self about miscarrying lovely! image 

    Worrying will not do you or baby any good so trust me when I say just relax, run your self a nice bath & have a cuppa. You should be HAPPY silly! You just fount out your pregnant! image Go start planning your baby shower!!! 

    My advice is to get straight down to your doctor and get confirmation of the pregnancy and also voice your concerns to the doc. They will do everything in their power to make sure you and baby are safe! Try and life a nice healthy lifestyle; eat healthy, exercise gently & get loads of sleep. Please stop stressing your self... You'll be fine image I'm sure the probability of miscarrying after being on 'inplanon' is very low & it has only been reported as some women have. Not all just some. So don't panic & see your doc :)

    Hope this has calmed you a little, congrats & good luck Mummy!!

    Happy M. xxx

  • Sometimes them white line do mean positive here are the two test I took I took a clear blue which had a white line on it.... Then 4 days later took a first response which had two lines indicating pregnant.... My white line appeared withing a minute and I did not go back to the test after the time limit because it does read a false result so for people wondering wait 4 days to a week because it can either be positive or negative.... Prayer for all the ladies waiting for their moment 

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