Fainted second line in pregnancy test


hey everyone i need some help i have taken two pregnancy test n both have a second fainted line ? I dont know if its positive or negative?? Plzz help!


  • Hi Avisa, they look like positives to me!!  :)

  • RealLy are you sure does this mean am pregnant! I dnt wana have high hopes! 

  • If its within the time frame yes you are pregnant and if not it is an evap lines 💝 try another test after 48 hours because hcg doubles after 48hours 💝

    Baby dust to all

  • imagei did this test after 2days and the second line showed up in 2 minutes?

  • Hey That looks positive! congratulations! 

  • Congratulations 💝

  • Thats a positive for sure! Congrats! 

  • Did you end up being pregnant ? My test I took this morning looks similar with a faint line I think ! If my eyes aren't playing tricks on me. I don't want to get excited if I'm not. image

  • I see the faint line, try to test again 💝

  • I would say that's a positive! Did u miss your period when u took these :)

  • Yep i missed my period! N i did a test again n the second line was even darker! My 7th week has started today and yes @dani u r definatly pregnant! Congratulations!!!! 

  • Thank you! Everyone for ur feedback n congratz! Means alot xxxx

  • Ive taken 2 pregnancy test and both are really faint. 

    First one on 7/6 and then the second one today 7/10... I really want to know if were pregnant but don't want to get my hopes up since we have been trying for 5 months


  • I'd say its a yes babe . I have the same prob  this is mine .image

  • All positives whoop. Congratulations ladies xxxx me? I came on like clock work today ffs lol. Now on to month 14 of ttc. God it's taking age's lol x

  • Susiegirlygirl it took me 18 months to conceive and due in under 2 weeks the month we conceived we didn't try as much as previous months and I was taking seven seas trying for a baby didnt finish the 1st packet and got caught good luck it will happen 😘

  • Hi ladies, I need some advice... is there a line there or am I going mad??? My sister and friend said they can see it but only slightly... I'm 4 days over due my period, I have sore boobs, I've been all over the place emotionally the past 2 weeks, and I can't finish my dinners as I feel sick. I had my coil removed 2 months ago and I have an appointment tomorrow to have a new one fitted. I have done 2 tests, the one I did last night I couldn't really see anything but the photo I've put up was first thing this morning. What do you think? My photo is above, accidentally posted it separate 🙈

  • Congratulations to everyone with BFP so lovely to hear. Any hints and tips other than have lots of sex? Haha 

    baby dust to all of us that are still trying. 17months for me now ugh xx 

  • Ndg it's best not to try we didn't try the month we conceived and now have a 10 week old I also took seven seas trying for a baby their 5 pound from tesco we was trying 18 months before we thought did it we won't try anymore x

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