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Trying this forum thing out. We have been trying to conceive for awhile now. About three years to exact. It will be two years ago next month that we had an ectopic on top of a normal 8 week pregnancy. Needless to say after going septic becaide my doc (that we no longer have) waited over 72 hours after internal bleeding I went septic and lost the normal pregnancy a day after surgery. even though 8 weeks isn't very far along it was heart breaking due to us trying for a year before that. I was suppose to start my monthly yesterday. Did a pregnancy test tonight and there is a faint line. Really faint. I had to mess with the different picture effects on my phone to be able to see it clearly.  In a couple of days I'll check again. Would be a nice early birthday present. Maybe you guys can give me some advice on this pic. imageimage


  • Hi Mumof2FutureRN. Although i can see a faint line on the first pic, I would definitely wait a few days to try again and maybe try using a couple of different branded test too, to compare results. I have everything crossed for you, please keep us updated with your next test(s)! xx

  • Thanks Babyarama. Still no sign of AF. I'm usually pretty regular, was suppose to get it Thursday. I'm thinking Monday morning if it still hasn't come I'll check then. image

  • Me and my husband have been trying to conceive for bout 2 years now and Iwas ddiagnosed with pcos I took provera and started my period on Nov 22nd on the 5th day I was told to take clomid 50mg I took my last pill Nov 30th I've been having butterflies in my stomach and nauseous and very sensitive nipples could I be pregnant scared to take a pregnancy test on fear of being disappointed

  • Mumof2FutureRN, hoping to here good news tomorrow! :)

    tonyareynolds18  I would do a test...if you have the slightest inkling that you may be pregnant..just don't do it too early. I can totally understand how scared you must be of being disappointed, but it would be the best way to be sure. I have everything crossed for you too and wish you all the best. please keep us updated xx

  • Took another pregnancy test!!! And look what I got. Praying that this is it because literally two years ago this day we found out we were pregnant and we ended up looking them the following month!!!! This is crazy. image

  • Took a rest this morning it came bak negative still gonna go to the doctor just to be sure hoping the doctor will say I'm pregnant

  • Congratulations mumof2 xx

  • Amazing news Mumof2FutureRN! Congratulations! x

    Tonya..Don't give up hope..Good Luck with your Drs apt. x

  • Keep taking tests because I can't believe it I can't wait to go to the doctors after the holiday. 

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