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having a rant!

Hi ladies!

No questions just need to have a bit of a rant! 

Me an my partner have been TTC for 2 years 3 months! One clomid preg which resulted in ectopic! My best friend has a 4 year old and decided to TTC 2 months ago! She has just found out she is preg today! Why I am completely over the moon for her a little part of me can't help but feel upset and annoyed! I even had a cry when she told me! I feel awful for feeling this way! I know she will want me there for her all the way an has even asked me to be at the birth which I'm really honored about! Its so bittersweet for me! If anything its just highlighted the fact that I can't get pregnant! Its hit home a little bit, I mean who even gets pregnant that quick haha! Obviously I know it only takes once! An with her they actually only DTD once or twice at ovulation! Here's me bding every other day ATLEAST and nothing! When she told me she was TTC I explained to her all about ovulation timing and all the signs as she had no idea at all! She has a 4 year old who was a big suprise, she never found out she was pregnant until she was 26weeks gone! 

Am I a horrible person for feeling this way! 

Sorry to rant, just needed to vent to someone who may understand!



  • No, your not a horrible person for feeling like that, it's a natural feeling when you long to be in that situation yourself so much. I felt that many a time when ttc our first son, it took us 12 months and a few of my friends got pregnant so easily in that time. The amount of times I cried I lost count, but then on the other hand I was so so happy for them. 

    Some people are extremely lucky (or unlucky if it's not planned) and get pregnant so easily. My friend only has to look at her hubby and she's pregnant! I swear! 

    We are ttc number 2, we are on to month 6.

    have u been to see ur gp about your problems ttc?whats your next step? X

  • Thanks for replying!

    Its just shocked me how quick she has conceived! She knows everything we have gone through with TTC but keeps saying how excited she is! I understand its an exciting time for her but I just feel like its a little stab in the chest! I feel she could be a little more sensitive to our situation! Kind of feels a like its being rubbed in my face a little although I'm positive that's not her intentions and is the way I'm perceiving it. 

    I am so happy for her but it just feels so unfair! Specially im sure she has conceived for the wrong reasons completely! Oh well suppose that's life!

    As for us, we have our next appointment at the fertility clinic in march! At our last appointment the consultant said if we have not conceived by then that she is referring us for ivf! We are over the moon but hope it doesn't come to this although is is looking likely! 

    The next 3 months are going to be the longest of our lives.

    Thanks again ☺

  • Sending Lots of luck your way, that you get ur bfp in the next few months. Xx 

  • It is one of the trickiest topics that anyone can ever deal with. There is no guarantee when TTC although so many couples claim to have no problems, and so many face issues that strain their relationships. It can be devastating and i have known couples who did not manage to succeed, and it can be difficult to disucss with them. Has anyone else had a similar issue with close friends?

  • I struggled to conceive and it was very hard on me to see and hear about others getting pregnant...i still get upset when I hear people say it was a surprise even though I now have my beautiful little girl (after 2 miscarriages and 4 years of trying).

    My best friend is now ttc and she's had no luck for 8 months.   The other day she had a good cry and said "i don't know how you did this for 4 years". Many people struggle and my heart always goes out to those that do.

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