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Trying to convince after a miscarriage

Hi I've been TTC for a while especially after my miscarriage in July I was 6 weeks. It's been really hard especially all am hearing is people pregnant. One of my friends and my cousin which is hard for me and people are just telling me to get over it and it will happen when it's happens. But it's easier said than done. Can anyone give me advice please thanks Laura xx


  • Hi, I'm very sorry to hear about your miscarriage, it must be very difficult. I've never suffered a miscarriage myself so can only imagine how you must be feeling.

    i know what your mean about everyone around you seeming like they are getting pregnant and having babies. Im noticing the same, we are ttc number 2 and onto month 6 now, so feeling abit impatient. 

    I know now it isn't what you want to here but it really will happen when it's suppose to, and I'm sure that will be very soon for you. the right egg will be sitting waiting for its turn:-) that's how I used to think of it when we conceived number 1. hugs to you xx 

  • Thank you . I actually am suppose to be due my period today but still nothing yet so fingers crossed xxx

  • Fingers tightly crossed for you! 

    Im in the two week wait now.... Hate waiting! 

  • There's nothing worse. Good luck I'll keep my fingers crossed for you😆 

    I had this a couple of months ago and got 5 positive faint lines and then the doc did one and I got a negative she said I had an chemical pregnancy xx

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