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I need some help here. I previously had three miscarriages and not after the third miscarriage my husband and I have been ttc since last ten months. I was suppose to have my periods today (24/12/2014). I have taken a home pregnancy test. The positive line was very faintm Can you ladies please give advice about it. I dont want my mind to play games with me. Thank you.


  • Even a faint line is a positive line, but it should get darker over the next few days. Try to put it in the back of your mind and enjoy Christmas and then test again in a few days to see if the line has got darker x

  • Thank you for your reply Mrs Hunt. I will take a test again on saturday. But just to be safe I have booked appointment with the gp for monday and even booked for a scan on 7th january. I am on thyroxine and it worries me because last time when I was pregnant my dosage was increased in just the fifth week of pregnancy. Lets see what will happen.

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