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so confused!! 12dpo and still bfn!

Hey, so today I am 12dpo and have taken a test all week to get a bfn every time. It's driving me nuts here are my symptoms. Nausea, sleepy,very bloated, blue veins all over chest, past two days I have felt like I have licked a penny it's horrible, extra bumps around nipples and belly ache like period pains, I'm due af in 3 days and I hoped to see at least one faint line! What do you girls think I'm driving myself barmy normally I take a test get a bfn and forget about it but this month just feels so different! Xx


  • Hi myla1, don't give up hope just may still be too early.wait a few days and do another test. What brand of tests are you using? have you tried a First Response? do try one if not. I have my fingers crossed for you! x

  • Heya thankyou for the reply! I have used cheap hcg strips from poundland (I knew I was to early to test but did anyway) tesco ones (also early) clear blue (10dpo bfn) and first response (9dpo bfn) and the last one in the morning hcg strip (bfn) I start staring at it thinking there is a line lol! It's driving me nuts I will see if u come on af on 29th-30 if not I will test again. What would u recommend once I missed my period? :) xx

  • I liked first response, I got a bfp at 10 dpo with fr.

  • Don't give up hope. With my first little boy I got bfn at 14dpo and then bfp at 17dpo. 

    Im also currently driving myself mad with symptom spotting. Af was due today, but still bfn :-( but had lots of symptoms. 

  • Hi myla1, I hope you are well. I would definitely do another first response or the Superdrug branded version (slightly cheaper) in a few days. I have had good results when testing early with both. Wishing you lots of luck! x

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