CD48 still BFN, is there any hope?

hi everyone, 

i've been reading alot about woman not getting bfp until 2 weeks after missed period, but those posts are all a few years old.......i just want to see if any of you have more recent stories about woman not getting bfp until very late after their missed period................

As for me, my period has always been regular, but for the past 6 months, its been avg 31-35 day cycles. 

According to the tracker app, i was suppose to ovulate on Dec27, we BD'ed on Dec23 and Dec25 to increase the chance. I didnt temp at all, just went by the app and the ewcm that i saw on those dates.

Symptoms I've had is gassy......very gassy (i'm never gassy)........lower back pain......but no sore bbs at all. i also feel nausea when i'm hungry and right after i eat. And ever since after the day AF was suppose to be due, i feel this leaky feeling (like AF came), so i go to the bathroom to check knowing that i will def see the witch, but turns out, there's nothing! This leaky feeling happened a few times and each time there was nothing!


I tested on cd29 bfn, cd33 bfn, cd40 bfn, and now, cd48 still you think there is still hope for me, or am i out already?


  • Wish I couls tell you some good news but I too is  the same boat you are in on cd48 & I could of swore I was pregnant but all BFN doctor  twice with urine too & both negative, I'm trying  hardest not to think about it but I really thought this was my Wee rainbow :( I can't find much answers online although every  I read those positive stories it gives  a bit of hope :( I hope you get you BFP soon :) 

    love & baby dust ❤️

  • Just realised this was wrote last year.. :( 

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