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  • My cervix has been high for two weeks and have other pregnancy symptoms: nipples sore and perky, nauseus, dizzy, had spotting(brown) at 12dpo and now have had positive OPK for 14 days and getting darker. Had one positive HPT but negative blood test. What should I think?

  • Try testing again with a hpt in a few days x good luck

  • Searching for some answers. I've been off the pill for 6 months. TTC for a month, menses is 7 days late, (usually a regular 32-33 day cycle). Cervix is high and everything is soft. Tender nipples, very tired, but a negative HPT 4 days ago. Should I take another one or wait for a few weeks? Freaking out as it's a first for me. I've never been pregnant, 23yo.
  • Ok I have been reading on the internet over the last few weeks and I just need some clarification. On November the 18 a day before my period was due I started spotting. I was a little shocked because normally my period is right on time on a day late. I have PCOS so my periods are normally very heavy. This bleeding was weirdly light. So I decided to check my cervix. I have been tracking my cervix for years but just recently started doing it more often. So my cervix for sept and oct was low but this time my cervix was high and soft. I know that is not normal. So can that be a sign of pregnancy or just a rare occurrence for my cervix to be high and soft when I was suppose to be on my period. 

  • Hey everyone, I'm currently ttc. I ovulated on the 4 this month. Which is When We dtd. Also on the 6th. I am now on day 26 of a 29 day cycle. My cervix has not dropped or gotten hard yet. Which has never happened. It's high, soft and still closed. I also get really hot at times when I'm not even moving. Any ideas?moving has this happened to anyone else?

  • I am not sure when i ovulated my jun period which started on the 4th was a week early and actually a miscarriage (took a home testing thinking it was implant bleeding a week later bc of symptoms and it was positive) doctor did US and found nothing. My period started back June 29th so on time really (no sex between until early July) I think I ovulated around the 13th based on cervical position and mucus .... Now I'm due to start my period tomorrow but no cramps or PMS (Which I always get) I took a few tests all were neg! However my cervix is High almost unable to feel it soft closed and wet. Not my normal pre period position at all normally low and firm ... How many days should I wait to retest and how accurate is the cervical position at determining pregnancy ? 

  • Hi everyone . I know this post is old put I looked on these websites for advice on my symptom.

    from what I've noticed with my pregnancy is that my cervix is still very low and hard even at 6 weeks pregnant so doesn't always move up straight away! 

    good luck to you all 👶🏽👶🏽👶🏽

  • Af is due in 3 days and my cervix is still very high i can barely reach it and the tiniest bit i feel is soft, could that mean im pregnant

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