Faint line??

Hi ladies,

not sure if my eyes are playing tricks, other half seems to think so. Is this a very very faint line?? 



  • Yes, looks like a faint positive to me, congrats 


  • Yes I can see it xx

  • Definitely a very faint positive. Best of luck to you 

  • Hey again. So I took a digi test at about 5am this morning which came up "pregnant" but took another one about 5pm after work and it came back "not pregnant" so thinking I might have just had enough hcg in my pee this morning which has been diluted throughout she day. I will be retestimg in the morning xx


  • The first test was a definite positive!! Congrats and good luck. Hopefully your pee was just too diluted for this evening's test. My fingers are crossed for you xx

  • https://us.v-cdn.net/6030864/uploads/ForumPostImages/84286.jpg


    Am I prengnet verry faint line when I shine a light outset it u can see it better ??

  • I can definitely see a faint line! Congratulations! I have now tested positive with two digis. good luck xxxx

  • Congratulations Gracey87! image

    and yes Littlemiss 20 that is an early BFP. Congrats! x

  • Well done Gracey, really chuffed for you xx

  • https://us.v-cdn.net/6030864/uploads/ForumPostImages/84310.jpg

    What do people think of this a faint positive OR evap line considering this was two hours later! But thought evap lines are colourless!?! This is a blue line 
  • image I'm having issues too... I think I made up my own thing (before missed period) cuse I have no idea what my do could be. I took this pic right after I tested the 6bmp, one. Evan lines are once the liquid fully dries. I just can't tell if it's a real line.

  • imageimageimage

    I know this is an old post I was just wondering whether i have a faint positive or evaporation lines. for the last week I have been feeling extremely lightheaded and sick, my boobs and stomach hurt  and my appetite has increased so I'm convinced I'm pregnant. i took a test last Tuesday and I had a faint positive whcih showed up within two minutes. Since then I have had many negatives as well as a couple of faint positives. I decided to take a clear blue digital today which showed not pregnant. however I took a cheap sainsburys test and saw another extremely faint line. i know it is very hard to see - i am thinking the line should be getting darker by now? Please let me know what you all think. image

  • Guys can you guys see a faint positive here :( Frekaing out im seeing things!image

  • imageHi, I dtwo tests as well and I am the same don’t know if my eyes are deceiving me or if there are two lines! I have had negative ones as well! I used first response for these two

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